We provide a comprehensive demolition service using both manual and mechanical techniques.  At Great Northern Demolition, safety is our priority.  We have an Occupational Health & Safety team supporting us that demonstrate ongoing diligence in identifying and managing OHS considerations within the planning and working stage of all projects, irrespective of the size or nature of that project.  As part of GND’s demolition services, they are also able to provide an environmentally friendly alternative of Deconstruction upon request, in which the building is progressively and properly de-constructed and, where possible, the materials are salvaged, preserved and recycled. GND’s expert demolition team is trained and experienced in the deconstruction process.

Class 2 Demolition Licence No: WAD313


We provide a range of earthmoving services including preparing sites for building construction, clearing fire breaks for safe land use, and site preparation for landscaping.  All our earthmoving services are conducted with consideration to the environment meaning that sediment and erosion control, and site drainage is carefully planned.  All operations are undertaken by our trained and experienced team.  At GND, we value the earth’s resources and therefore quality soil is recycled and re-established to benefit the environment.


Great Northern Demolition are capable, confident and trained to safely carry out your asbestos removal projects.  As a Company, we are committed to the highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety meaning that we actively prepare prior to jobs and abide by all safe asbestos handling procedures during the removal process.  This includes Removal Pre-start Checklists, Registers, Asbestos Management Plans, Safe Work Method Statements and using all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.  At Great Northern Demolition it is our aim to preserve the environment and carry out disposal of asbestos safely, achievable with the efficiency of our highly trained, experienced team.

Asbestos Removal Licence No: WARA 1379


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